Best Famous Foods in Auckland You Must Try It!

auckland food

As the most cosmopolitan city in the country, Auckland is the perfect place to get together with the flavors as well as the many wonderful restaurants scattered around these cities. In the South Pacific Ocean, in the present days, you will see everything that you imagine, from cheeseburgers to a Thai green curry. Fast food is common in the urban city of Auckland, but once you move away from the city center you will eat plenty of meat pies.

1. Hangi:

Hangi is a rich traditional Maori dish with a rich, smoky flavor. Varieties of meats are present here. Example: chicken, pork, lamb or venison, etc. Added with it, more plants in steam for a few more hours. Hangi is usually prepared for special occasions, although many restaurants provide hangi for travelers to enjoy the true taste of cuisine.

2. Fish and chips:

An English deep-fried fish that became popular dishes in Australia and New Zealand. Although whitefish are traditionally used in fish and chip recipes in other countries, such as cod, haddock, and Pollock, shark, nil fin gurnard, blue cod, and starfish. Fish with vinegar for light, airy textures can be thick or thin and dipped in water and flour paste, beer, or milk. Lemon, salt, malt vinegar, and other spices are used to complement the flavors of Bata and

3. Whitebait:

Whitebait of New Zealand is one of the most valuable seafood in the country. Unlike the European Whitebait, the New Zealand Whitebait is made with thin freshwater fish sprats that have a delicious taste. An omelet
dish with white beet fryer, butter, eggs, white beet, pepper, lemon juice and salt, is the most common preparation for white beet. Some traditional theorists prefer egg whites with whitebaits, as the strong flavors. This can easily overcome the light, subtle natural smell of whitebaits. Whitebait fishing in New Zealand is a legally prescribed and seasonal activity with limited time, making it a delicious food that commands a high price.

4. Meat Pie:

New Zealand meat pie is a one-size-fits-all pie with cooked vegetables or cheese, along with dice or raw meat and gravy. The crust is made from a short crust pastry that is shaped using fat like lard and butter and adds
sincerity. It adds also crispness to the dish and complements the tender meat as well as juicy. The meat pie is New Zealand’s iconic food, especially with rugby and football leagues.


Food satisfies the taste buds of the tongue. Good food keeps the mind happy. With it, the body also stays healthy. Different types of food should be tasted while alive. Among the many good foods, there is a list of the above foods for you and their description. You can taste it.