How Can You Get Better At Maths?


As long as we have got the knowledge of ancient civilization, we have also come to know about the mathematic discovery. Maths is to thank for the technological and advanced society we live in today’s times. Presently, maths is a subject that is used every single day and it may also be one of the most necessary subjects that you ever learn about. It is a subject that can greatly affect your future, and it can also affect what kind of career path you are choosing.

As we all know that no one is born with the maths gene. So to get better at maths is just like everything else in life or you can say practice makes perfect. However, we know that math is basically a subject that many people have a love and hate relationship with it. We are going to assist people to change their point of view related to maths. Because everybody can have a good knowledge of math. And simply because you are right or wrong, when you will come to know about this, it is very enjoyable and logical.

Why Some Students Have To Do Struggle With Math?

Everyone has to do struggle with solving math problems at some point. Everybody has to face challenges in this particular subject because it is a really very hard subject. However, you have to overcome these challenges and have to understand that this subject is key to success. We are going to lay focus on some of those challenges that are under our control, while there are many forms of learning difficulties such as dyscalculia, math anxiety, or learning disabilities.

maths student

Most of the students used to see math as a series of numbers, or it is a subject that does not make any sense in reality, when you are right or wrong. They take math as a very difficult subject and do not see it as anything that is more than a really hard school subject. They don’t know anything about the history of math, or the practical use of math is not explained to them. They never give appreciation to the complexities of math in real-life. And this is the reason that they may find it so much harder to practice for a very long period of time to understand the foreign concepts that are related to maths problems.

Another common reason that students have to do struggle with math is that they used to memorize the concepts instead of understanding the concepts of math. Rote memorization learning is not at all a good thing. When students memorize rules or formulas without understanding them, they will ultimately find problems that they will not be eligible to solve. And this is the reason that they don’t have an understanding of how to make use of tools they have memorized, and they are going to struggle with.

A few study tips to achieve success in getting better at math


1. Think that it is easy and everyone is eligible to do it

Math is a subject that everyone can do. In creative subjects like music, drama, or art some students seem that they have a few more skills than other people. In math also, everyone starts with the same skills, so everyone can master the subject.

2. Don’t move on until you are ready

Don’t try to rush through a topic in your math class and move on before you have understood it. If you are doing struggle, then you can speak to your teacher or you can ask your tutor. You can also see that if you can go over it in your study group.

3. Regular practice is always better than irregular one

It is better for you if you will do lots of small amounts of regular practice than you do a big math session once or twice a week. You can make efforts and ensure that you are always practicing, even a little bit in your holidays. You should have your aim and should make efforts to study math every day of the week, even on those days when you might not have a maths class.

4. Connect with your subject & find a reason that why are you learning it

Math has its relation with everything in our day-to-day lives. Without making use of geometry we can’t have big beautiful buildings, interior design, and many other architectural feats. Every topic in math has a very exciting real-world use. You are required to ensure that you find it.

5. Focus on the foundations of the subject

Imagine one thing that someone is learning how to speak English. They might have learned all the verbs, nouns, etc, but ultimately they are required to know whether they should say “a table” or “an table”. There are grammar and syntax involved in being able to speak the language and without making use of it, no small amount of vocabulary will make someone capable to speak fluent English.

Similarly, if you want to get better at math, you are required to speak the syntax and grammar of maths. Hereby grammar and syntax we mean arithmetic and (in high school) algebra. These are not just topics in maths, these are the syntax and grammar of mathematics itself. You have to become a master in these and your journey through all other topics will become much easier. Because math builds on itself, so getting better at the basics of maths sets you up for success.