Effective Ways To Promote Your Travel Agency Online


Nowadays every business is feeling a pinch of Covid- 19 and they all are willing to return with more impactful and effective ways. Travel agency’s business is one of them which is impacted the most. Almost all their revenue sources are dried up during the lockdown period in India.

Traveling is an important part of our societal and personal development for a long time. The presence of so many religious tourism places near the hill stations is the testimony of the same. We Indian are traditionally traveling people. Traveling helps the individual in many ways. If you have any stakeholders in the traveling business, here is the right place to know effective ways to go forward in your business. Follows for more:-

Online Vs. online

Gone are the days when only offline presence was sought by the customers. Nowadays people are searching online before doing any work. As per some surveys, people use Google before buying any products and services up to 70 percent. Simply understand the importance of being online. When an interested person plans to go out for traveling, with family or without that, the first thing they look for is the destination. So being online is the first thing a travel agency should be doing for effective business models.

Business listing

You may be new to this terminology but it is being highly used by so many successful companies. It works on having inventory or details online. You run a digital agency and it must be known by the people. There is some companies called business listing companies like DomainMantri.

There you can get your business listed, so when people will look for related business and works, they will get to know about your business. Search any keywords in Google, and it will give you lakh of searches. Your business will only be searchable and available to customers when it gets listed. Do not waste time on some other things. Just take a step today and get your travel agency listed online on the domain Mantri.

Adopt digital marketing

Marketing models have also been changed nowadays, due to the impact of digital transformation. Companies do no longer prefer only offline mode of marketing, all the marketing strategies are being followed in digital and online mode.

Different strategies of digital marketing are being adopted by companies nowadays. Search engine optimization is the first thing. When someone will look for travel agencies, your company must be coming in the first place. And this is only possible with the help of SEO. It is the method adopted by digital marketing companies to make sure that their client’s website appears in preferential mode while customers are looking for anything.

Presence on Social media

Due to the high penetration of mobile and internet, there is a boom of social media usages in our country and beyond that. Facebook has now become the best place for business to be. It helps in getting instant feedback from customers.

Create a page of your travel agency on all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and Instagram. People are there and you may prefer to have a digital campaign there for your company. Social media platforms provide a platform that is anytime, anywhere available for companies and customers.

Diversify your business

Only having a traveling agency nowadays is not enough. You may have other diversified businesses related to tourism that will help you in getting more customer base. Some options that should be explored by you are:- 

  • Insurance agents for travelers for their health and wealth.
  • Travel related customized cloth and accessories selling
  • Cross-selling of different packages.

IN this hard time of 2020, there is so much potential for travel agencies to work on. There is just some need to tweak the strategies and adopt some better ways to do the business. Be assured. Coming years will be much brighter and shining.